trešdiena, 2012. gada 7. novembris

Youtube: American Hipster Presents

    One of my latest discoveries - American Hipster Presents. It is a weekly short documentary series profiling trendsetters in 10 cities across the country. Through earnest and stylized video portraits, it explores the passions of American tastemakers in music, art, food, style, and social life.

Here are some of my favorites:


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svētdiena, 2012. gada 4. novembris


    When it's just the begining of november, supermarkets in Latvia ar already filled with christmas decorations. I'm sure, that it won't be long till the first annoying christmas songs will be played in radio again, again and again. One of the events I'm already quite excited about is my university's christmas ball. It has a 20s theme, which I couldn't call very original idea, but still I have never gone to any this decade themed event. Here are some pics for my inspiration...

   This is on of my the most favorite fashion shows ever. What I love about it the most is not just John Galliano`s stunning pieces of art, makeup and hair, but the atmosphere of the show. I get the front row feeling and excitement when in reality I'm sitting in my bed with laptop, watching youtube.

Pictures are from tumblr.


      Hello again! Well, after ... almost a year, I decided, that it would be nice to try posting something new here. A lot has changed in this time - unfortunatly, my camera broke, in summer I worked a lot as a gardener, me and my mom had a week long trip to Germany, Achim and this autumn I became a student in Riga Tehnical University, environmental sciences and I'm very excited about it. Now I moved back to Riga and it means, that I'm finally back to normal internet access!! :) I won't make any promise to post every day, because I'm already a bit behind with my studies, but I will make much bigger effort to keep this blog alive and, hopefully, try to inspire and entertain you my dear readers!